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15th June 2018

Due to the fact I do a lot of wildlife photography, my wildlife hide is my second home.  When I am out trying to capture that special wildlife shot I am most of the time in my hide, hours turn into days, days turn into months with absolute no guarantee that the animal or bird I am trying to photograph will even turn up.  Usually when they do show it is at a time when it is raining or the light is at its worst or even worse still just as they are about to appear something spooks them and they disappear as quick as they have arrived.  I think this is what makes it such a great feeling when you do actually manage to get the shot.  For each of the wildlife subjects that I try to photograph, you always have the shot in your head long before they arrive and to get it can be a whole different story.  As a wildlife enthusiast to be there to wittness some amazing animal behaviours is as special as getting the photograph.  Recently I have also started to capture some short film footage on my camera, some of these can be seen in the Video setion of the website. From fox cubs playing in the evening sun, to the very rare and elusive pine marten feeding for a fleeting moment to the beautiful red squirel as he tirelessly spends time hiding its stash, all of these, I have just been so lucky to wittness from my hide and loved every minute.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I have recording them.

This photograph shows my hide in its most recent location to photograph a pine marten, when I set up my hide was in the depths of late winter and there was no vegetation around.

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