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I have had a lifelong love of photography and I use this to illustrate my passion for the remaining wild places on our earth.

My enthusiasm for photography had increased steadily over many years with my mastery of the technical aspects of photography maturing over time. I apply myself closely to the artistic elements of composition, light, colour and tone which are the essential components of any great image. It is a study that I find intensely rewarding.

In January 2010 I was awarded the City & Guilds Gold Medal for Excellence in the field of teaching in Ireland and UK.

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I run a variety of workshops thoughout the year.  Previous workshops have included coastal drives around the Wild Atlantic Way, Red Deer Rut in Killarney National Park, Night Scene Workshops, One-to-one and Saturday workshops. 

I am an experienced tutor, and have been awarded a City & Guilds Gold Medal for excellence in the field of teaching.  

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Latest News

19th June 2018

I am very excited to announce the launch of my new updated website at my new address www.donalcostigan.com.  We have a host of new features including my brand new online store!

15th June 2018

Due to the fact I do a lot of wildlife photography, my wildlife hide is my second home.  When I am out trying to capture that special wildlife shot I am most of the time in my hide, hours turn into days, days turn into months with absolute no guarantee that the animal or bird I am trying to photograph will even turn up.  Usually when they do show it is at a time when it is raining or the light is at its worst or even worse still just as they are about to appear something spooks them and they disappear as quick as they have arrived.

24th December 2017

Just a note to say a massive thanks for all who have supported my photography in 2017 and look forward to see you in 2018.

17th December 2017

Just some of the daily callers, as this time of year is much more difficult to find food for small garden birds, we are all encouraged by Birdwatch Ireland to give them a helping hand over the winter months with some food.

23rd October 2017

Due to the mild weather the annual red deer rut was later to take center stage in the National Park in Killarney. The rut usually will get into action mid to late September or after some frosty weather.

4th September 2017

After a lot of searching through the woodlands of Ireland I finally managed to get close to one of our most magnificent birds, The Buzzard. This is one of a breeding pair which were located down in South Kilkenny this summer.

Although I was there in the location for quite a while there was only one photo opportunity that came my way and these are the images as a result.

The buzzard is fighting against the odds in this country and comes in for a lot of misguided headlines.

More often than not you will hear their loud shrill as they soar very high in the sky.


Black and White


Plants and Flowers

Wild Atlantic Way


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Latest Videos

11th June 2018

The clip of these rabbits chasing each other around in the lovely evening sun was recorded in an old disused sand pit in Attanagh.  There were quite a number of rabbits here all out feeding and mak

11th June 2018

This little guy was one of five cubs in this den, of the five this guy seemed to be the more adventurous of them all, never content in staying around the den sites, instead off wandering about the

11th June 2018

I spent a bit of time recording at this fox den in Laois.  This has to be one of the hardest working vixen's I have ever had the pleasure to record.  A number of times a day she returned with food

29th May 2018

Here we see  a Buzzard feeding on the remains of a rabbit, this pair had a nest r=nearby with two juvenile chicks, the parents worked tirelessly to keep the juveniles fed.  This incredibly shy bird

2nd April 2018

The recording of this short video file of the Native Red Squirrel was fascinating to say the least.  When people speak about how busy they are burrying their stash, it is no exaggeration.  This lit

30th June 2017

To record this clip of the incredibly shy and rare Pine Marten was a privilege for sure.


This photograph is of fairy bush located on the on the shores of Killary Harbour, Connamera, Co. Galway.

Wild Atlantic Way

This sheep takes a walk down the road in the shadow of the Twelve Bens Mountain Range Co Galway.

Wild Atlantic Way

Valentia Island just outside Portmagee Co Kerry.

Wild Atlantic Way

One of my favorite Waterfalls in Ireland.

Wild Atlantic Way

I traveled up early to catch the early morning sun along the Sky Road Clifden Co Galway, the weather on the day was particularly mixed wi

Wild Atlantic Way

St Finbarr's Oratory Gougane barra is nesteled in the heart of Ballingeary, this photograph was taken when the wild roses were in bl

Wild Atlantic Way

A view of the two Skelligs, recently featured in the Star Wars Movies The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Wild Atlantic Way

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